If you’re over the age of 45 and wish to reduce or eliminate the need for reading glasses or bifocals, Lens Replacement could provide you with a lifelong clear vision – eliminating the need for glasses and preventing the development of cataracts for good!

Here at ClearSight, we specialize in providing our patients with only the most advanced technology and surgical options guaranteed to provide our patients with the very best results. We also understand that these procedures are not inexpensive, and that’s why we strive to make them affordable for everyone so you feel confident you’re getting the best value – not just in our center but anywhere in the U.S.

With current specials, the cost for Lens Replacement ranges from $11,998 to 13,498 depending on your vision needs and is all-inclusive. We offer financing options for payments as low as $199/mo.

What does ‘all-inclusive’ mean?

Our goal isn’t to perform a procedure; it’s to deliver life-changing results. Whether we recommend an advanced lens replacement or another vision correction treatment as your best option, our prices include everything needed to get you the best possible outcome. Your treatment cost will include:

  • Your comprehensive preoperative diagnostic examinations
  • Your laser lens removal treatment
  • Your vision correction procedure with a new premium synthetic lens
  • Your LASIK or PRK vision correction fine-tuning for clarity at all distances
  • Surgery Center facility costs
  • Anesthesia costs
  • All post-operative examinations for 2 years (as needed)
  • All required prescription medications and prescription drops (for up to 3 months as needed)
  • Lifetime Commitment that includes any post-operative laser touch ups for life*

* The Lens Replacement Vision Plan with details of the lifetime commitment is available at your Free Exam.

Affordable Financing Options

We believe vision correction should be affordable on any budget. That’s why we offer 0% financing for up to three full years. We also offer extended payment plans for up to seven years with even lower monthly payments.

Current payment plan specials:
Zero Interest for 36 months from $352/mo. (0% APR for 36 months WAC)
Low Payments from $199/mo. (6.99% APR for 84 months WAC)






Our Lens Replacement treatment is considered a premium procedure, and costs more than most other vision correction options.  This is mainly due to 4 reasons:

  1. It requires the precise skill and expertise only provided by a highly trained Ophthalmic Surgeon to get your very best results.
  2. The cost of laser removal of your existing lens
  3. The cost of the specialty engineered replacement lenses
  4. Lens procedures are performed in an outpatient surgical center.

While this is by no means a small amount of money, the benefits are clear, especially when you compare it to the hassles and frustrations of wearing glasses, plus the fact that without Lens Replacement treatment you’ll eventually develop cataracts and need the same surgery down the road anyways.

Lens Replacement could provide you with lifelong clear vision, without glasses, contacts or cataracts.

Next Steps

To understand the options that will provide you with your best visual result, and to receive an exact treatment quote, we offer all new patients a free comprehensive eye exam and evaluation using our advanced diagnostic technology.   There’s no drops, no puffs, no sales pressure, no obligations, and it’s completely free.  After your exam, even if you choose not to move forward with the procedure, you’ll still have a better understanding of your overall eye health, and what options are best for you both now and in the future.

  Schedule yours online today!

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*Monthly payment, APR and term depend on credit approval