Every Eye is Unique

Your age and unique eye anatomy determine your solution:

For people with clear vision, the cornea and lens bend light so it focuses properly on the retina.

Nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism are the result of irregularities in the shape of the eye’s cornea, resulting in blurred or distorted images. Each of these issues can be fixed by vision correction.

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  • Clear Vision
  • Nearsighted
  • Farsighted
  • Astigmatism

Which Procedure is Right for You

Choosing Sight Without Glasses is a life-changing event. We know you have many questions, so we created this procedure overview guide to help.

Procedures Based on Age





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AGE 18 – 42

LASIK and its Alternatives

for Nearsightedness, Farsightedness & Astigmatism

At this age, less than perfect vision is usually caused by nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. We offer 4 customized procedures listed below:

1. Customized All-Laser LASIK(Most Common)

This is the treatment most often recommended for people within this age range. It is safe, gentle, and the results are proven. It is also the treatment ClearSight has spent over 25 years perfecting, and the first ever vision treatment with a written money-back guarantee!


SMILE (Small Incision LASIK) is performed with one of the same lasers used for LASIK but with a different technique that leaves the surface of the cornea almost untouched. Because this technique does not require a “flap”, it results in a quicker recovery and maximum comfort. SMILE is perfect for people who are active, practice contact sports, or are simply looking for a gentler LASIK alternative. ClearSight is currently the only center in Oklahoma that offers this treatment.

3. ASA (Advanced PRK)

ASA, or Advanced PRK, is a LASIK alternative that is often recommended for patients with thin corneas or specific occupations. The main difference with PRK is that no flap is created. Instead, the excimer laser reshapes the outer surface of the eye to correct your prescription. Although this makes the recovery time longer, the end results are as good as LASIK.

4. EVO Visian ICL

The EVO Visian ICL is an advanced vision correction treatment for patients with moderate to high nearsightedness. Often, patients who have been told that they are not candidates for laser vision correction make ideal EVO Visian ICL recipients. Some of the benefits of EVO ICL are quick healing time and fast visual stabilization. EVO Visian ICL provides some of the highest quality results possible (highest rate of results better than 20/20).
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AGE 43+

Introducing 43Vision!

A sister practice of ClearSight LASIK dedicated specifically to our patients who are 43+ years of age.

With over 25 years of experience, we are here to answer any questions you have.
Call us at 405.883.4343, or visit 43Vision.com to learn more about how you can be “Glasses Free After 43!”

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