Vision Correction for After Cataracts

Removing your cataracts improves the clarity of your vision. However, you may still find yourself dependent on glasses to see. Having LASIK after Cataract Surgery is a great way to improve your vision and get the most out of your eyes. Our LASIK treatment can be customized to correct your prescription or astigmatism and significantly reduce or eliminate your dependence on glasses.

The procedure is performed in minutes, and recovery is quick. Most of our patients are back to their normal activities soon after.

LASIK After Cataract Surgery

How it Works

LASIK after Cataract Surgery is a quick and comfortable three-step procedure. Using the latest in laser technology, we first create a precise natural bandage, also known as a flap, on the surface of your eye. In the second step, another laser gently reshapes the surface of your eye underneath the natural bandage to bring the world into better focus. Finally, the natural bandage is returned, and your vision is corrected!

Who is a Candidate?

We usually recommend this procedure for patients who have already had Cataract Surgery and are still dependent on glasses. Everyone is unique, so an exam is the best way to know if LASIK is right for you.

Is it Safe?

LASIK is widely considered to be very safe. This procedure has been performed over 40 million times worldwide and has a very low risk of complications.

Popular Benefits

  •  Fast treatment – usually takes just minutes per eye.
  •  Fast recovery – you can get back to your normal routine in a day or two.
  •  Great results – the majority of our patients are highly satisfied with their new vision.
  •  Can get you seeing how you see in your glasses – without having to wear them!

Technology Matters

Like other technologies in recent years, vision correction has significantly evolved. As a result, we can now address a wide range of visual issues and treat patients previously thought to be untreatable.

With three unique lasers, we can customize a treatment for every patient. Each laser is the most advanced available in its class. Combined with the latest diagnostic equipment and software, we are the only center in Oklahoma with this range of technology.

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Pricing & Financing Options

At ClearSight we believe that financing LASIK after Cataract Surgery should be simple. As for cost, we have multiple options to make things affordable for you.

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Financing Options Made Easy

LASIK after Cataract Surgery often pays for itself in less than 5 years? We want to help you pay quicker.

from $127/Month

$0 down, 0% financing for 24 months

Procedure Cost

With current specials, our All-Inclusive procedure price for LASIK after Cataract Surgery ranges from:

All-Inclusive Procedure Includes:

  • All examinations
  • Customized All-Laser LASIK procedure
  • Antibiotic eyedrops
  • All post-operative examinations
*Custom All-Laser LASIK package details are provided at your Free Exam. CLOSE
$3,139 - $6,998

for one or both eyes

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