We continually invest in the most advanced technology to give you the best vision possible.

With our trusted technology in the hands of our skilled and experienced surgeons, know that your results will be life-changing.

Dr. Kasey Brown using the latest technology

What makes our technology the best?

Our technology allows us to produce the best results possible. The majority of patients see better or as well as they did in glasses.

Our technology is equipped with systems that ensure maximum safety during your procedure.

Our procedures are quick and comfortable. We treat both eyes on the same day so you can get back to your life faster.

We can correct higher ranges of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, allowing us to treat a wide variety of patients.

Fully Customized
Our 3D mapping technology allows us to precisely treat the unique imperfections in your vision.

Want to learn more about our technology?

WaveLight EX500

Laser Technology

Our advanced suite of laser technology allows us to better customize your vision.


exam technology

Exam Technology

Our advanced diagnostics mean greater precision and more accurate results.


Custom Technology

Our advanced selection of premium lenses lets us customize your treatment.