No Glasses.
No Contacts.
Just ClearSight.

"20/20 or it's Free" on LASIK and Lens Replacement.*

Experience the Freedom of ClearSight.

Are you tired of the hassles of glasses, contacts, readers and blurry vision? We can help you break free.

With ClearSight, you could…

You CAN See Clearly Without Glasses!


Free Exam

Meet us for your free exam and receive a custom recommendation.


Custom Procedure

Have your custom procedure from one of our experienced surgeons.

Clear Vision

Experience the freedom of seeing clearly without glasses and contacts!
Clearsight Refractive Surgeons

We’ve Been Patients Ourselves

Your eyes are important, so we know that the idea of vision correction can be scary. Having had vision correction ourselves, we know how much it will improve your life.

As board certified surgeons, we have dedicated our lives to becoming leading experts in vision correction. We have given thousands of people freedom from glasses, and we can do the same for you.

“20/20 OR IT’S FREE” is our ClearSight Guarantee... but we Don’t Stop There.

At ClearSight, our technology and experience often allow us to get your vision to a place glasses and contacts never could.

In fact, the majority of our patients end up with vision that is better than 20/20.

Which Procedure is Right for You?

You’ve likely heard of LASIK, but vision correction isn’t one size fits all. We offer four vision correction procedures and customize each based on your age, prescription, and lifestyle.

96% of People are Candidates. ARE YOU?


No More Readers. No More Bifocals.

Over time, our natural lenses become less flexible, making it difficult to see up close.
Custom Lens Replacement can help make your world look crisp and clear without readers or bifocals.

Up Close?
Driving Issues?
For Readers?

No More Cataracts.
No More Glasses.

Traditional cataract surgery could still leave you in glasses for the ret of your life. Premium Cataract Surgery at ClearSight replaces your cloudy natural lens with a clear, technologically advanced lens. Not only does this procedure cure your blurry vision, it allows you to reduce or eliminate your need for glasses completely!
Be sure to ask about potential Insurance options that could help offset part of your procedure cost!

All-Inclusive Pricing
+ 0% Financing Options
+ All Insurance Honored

We know that quality vision correction can feel like a big expense.

At ClearSight, we are fully transparent when it comes to the cost of your vision correction. Our all-inclusive pricing has no hidden fees or mysterious up-charges. And we work with all insurance discount options.

Financing Made Simple

We partner with multiple trusted lenders to help make financing easy.

"I wish I'd done it sooner!"

The number one thing we hear from our patients is that they wish they’d had Vision Correction sooner.

So the question for you is… why wait any longer?




What will you do with your ClearSight?

— Real ClearSight Patients —

*Results may vary, and medical outcomes cannot be guaranteed. Our “20/20 or it’s free” money-back guarantee is available to qualified candidates. Full terms and conditions will be provided under separate written agreements. Attend our free exam to see if you qualify. Nearly all patients do!

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All-Inclusive Procedure Includes:

  • Candidacy exam and recommendation
  • Customized procedure for both eyes
  • Care Kit with prescription drops
  • Post-op check-ups
  • “20/20 or it’s free” Guarantee*
  • Lifetime Commitment on touch-ups*

*Money Back Guarentee & Lifetime Commitment available on select packages. Details available at your Free Exam.