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    Two Simple Steps to 20/20 or Better Vision

    1. Make sure you're a good LASIK candidate with our easy, "no puff" eye exam.
      Most people hate eye exams but we make this one easy. No puffs, no stinging eye drops, no dilation. No need for a driver and no need to be out of your contacts before the most comprehensive free eye exam in Oklahoma City.

    2. Have LASIK Friday, Back to work Monday.
      With your LASIK procedure on Friday afternoon, you can take as little as half a day off work. Enjoy your first weekend of freedom and show off your new lens free vision at work on Monday.
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    Contacts vs LASIK? Game, Set, Match

    • Wind, dust, sports & allergies; big problem for contacts: not a problem with LASIK.
    • Recent studies show LASIK is up to 5 times safer than contacts. When you consider the risks of
      scratched corneas and eye fungus or other diseases from contacts, it makes sense that LASIK proves
      to be much safer than contacts.
    • If you're wearing contacts, you’re already paying for LASIK. Add up the costs over a ten-year period
      and you'll see that you’ve already paid for LASIK. Now you see why we offer zero percent financing?
    • Just bought contacts? We'll buy 'em back!
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    Find out how we make LASIK affordable:

    • Our Individualized Treatment Plans let you tailor the cost of custom blade-free LASIK to
      your needs and budget – without skimping on technology, experience or results.
    • IRS approved, tax-free payment plans can save you up to 42%. Find out if you qualify.
    • Choose 0% financing for your LASIK with guaranteed approval for everyone. The idea is to
      get the benefits of LASIK now and pay it off over time or when you’ve got the money. It really makes more sense than buying more contacts.
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    Three Errors to Avoid When Choosing Your LASIK Surgeon :

    1. Don't allow yourself to be rushed during the consultation or at any point during the exam process. Demand a thorough exam and full disclosure of your suitability for the procedure.
    2. Don't choose a LASIK company, choose a LASIK surgeon who is a specialist – it's the personal skill and commitment of your doctor that counts.
    3. Don't compromise your comfort or outcome with yesterday's technology. Many LASIK centers try to make LASIK more affordable by reverting to older technology such as bladed LASIK, PRK, and non-wavefront lasers for their lower priced procedures. At ClearSight, everyone gets the latest technology but we still make it affordable. Find Out How
  • The Buzz on LASIK

    Famous People Need to See Their Best, Just Like You …

    Celebs: Ewan McGregor, Ashlee Simpson, Brad Pitt, Elton John, Nicole Kidman, Cindy Crawford, Richard Branson, Reese Witherspoon – these are just some of the celebrities who have had LASIK…

    Our patients like to share their experiences: Check out our FaceBook, YouTube and Twitter sites for some cool videos from Dr. Wilson's patients.

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