Jaison Has Amazing Vision Thanks To SMILE

August 22, 2017 | SMILE

Nurse Jaison knew it was time to make a change when his glasses kept fogging up at work. Watch to learn how the new SMILE procedure transformed his daily life completely.

Jaison: I specifically remember getting glasses when I was nine years old. I remember this because I started playing soccer, and I was the only kid on the soccer field wearing glasses.

I'm a nurse, and I work in the operating room in surgery. Every time I wore a surgical mask, it would fog up my glasses. I was just like, "You know what? This is perfect." I literally was like, "Okay, let me just do LASIK."

I did have a friend that did get LASIK here, probably two years ago. He's had no issues since then. Then when I was doing my own research about customer reviews and all that, I saw nothing but five stars. It made me feel comfortable going to a trusted place.

It was a new procedure, called SMILE, I guess, that is being introduced here at ClearSight, but it's been highly recommended in different areas of the world and the country. From my understanding of LASIK, it was with creating a flap, and post-op recovery time is a little bit longer. There's a little more challenges that come along with creating a flap. We skipped that whole two-step process. Now it's just that one step, where it's a small incision. No flap is created. Even just them saying there's no flap that's created reassured me about this is a pretty unique procedure, and it's a pretty safe and effective procedure.

I came in, and the staff was really awesome. The nurses that took care of me in pre-op, they were great, and they were just great about just keeping me informed about what's going to happen next. When I got in there, it honestly felt like it was the fastest procedure. I didn't feel like I was staying there too long. The whole time, I was able to talk to Dr. Luke. It was a very pleasant procedure. The SMILE procedure did what it was supposed to do.

I'm 20/16 now, so little things like just being able to leave work, and get out and drive, and wear sunglasses, instead of looking directly at the sun coming down I-40, that's just amazing to me.

You have nothing to lose but everything to gain when it comes to just coming to ClearSight and just seeing what you could potentially have done for you.



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