Price Quote – LASIK and SMILE

Good News! You May Have 2 Treatment Options:


Custom LASIK
as low as

Advanced Freedom from Glasses & Contacts.

As low as $3,610 for Both Eyes

as low as

Gentle One-Step Vision Correction.

As low as $5,998 for Both Eyes

Custom LASIK Procedure Information

Photo of Cindy, excited about the improvement to her vision

LASIK means comfort, freedom and better vision! LASIK addresses common vision issues by using lasers to reshape the curve of the cornea.

In our customized ‘bladeless’ or ‘all-laser’ technique, a laser forms bubbles in the corneal tissue to create the flap rather than using a blade. The advantages of this technique are more accuracy, stability and comfort.

Custom LASIK is Affordable:
0% financing as low as $205/mo. (WAC)

SMILE Procedure Information

photo of Fran, excited about the improvement to her vision

SMILE is proven, gentle and fast – the latest option for Laser Vision Correction! SMILE is a laser vision correction procedure that treats nearsightedness, the most common eye focusing issue.

It is performed with one of the same lasers we use for LASIK but with a different technique. SMILE leaves the surface of the cornea almost untouched allowing for a strong cornea, fast healing, quick recovery and maximum comfort.

SMILE is Affordable:
0% financing as low as $246/mo. (WAC)

Ready to find out what your best option is?

To understand the option that will provide you with your best visual result, and to receive an exact treatment quote, we offer all patients a complimentary comprehensive eye exam. There’s no drops, no puffs, no obligations, and it’s FREE!

Dr. Luke Rebenitsch talking about the procedure with a patient

"I wish I'd done it sooner!"

The number one thing we hear from our patients is that they wish they’d had Vision Correction sooner.

So the question for you is… why wait any longer?




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All-Inclusive Procedure Includes:

  • Candidacy exam and recommendation
  • Customized procedure for both eyes
  • Care Kit with prescription drops
  • Post-op check-ups
  • “20/20 or it’s free” Guarantee*
  • Lifetime Commitment on touch-ups*

*Money Back Guarentee & Lifetime Commitment available on select packages. Details available at your Free Exam.