Cattlemen’s Steakhouse of Oklahoma City

November 19, 2015 | OKC

cattlemensCattlemen’s Steakhouse of Oklahoma City

We once heard the word “legendary" used to describe an oil change shop. We suppose if they’ve been
changing oil for over 100 years they could be. But around Oklahoma City, few businesses are as
"legendary" as Cattlemen's Steakhouse.

Not familiar with Cattlemen’s? New to Oklahoma City? Never had a good steak? Here’s Cattlemen’s
Steakhouse in their own words:

A smoke-filled room and a lucky roll of the dice were all it took to move a little diner from cowtown obscurity to annals of western folklore. Today, Cattlemen's is known not only for its unique history, but mainly for its terrific food - perfectly aged steaks, legendary breakfasts, and the best cup of coffee that Seattle couldn't touch. So stop by Cattlemen's Steakhouse, smack in the middle of Oklahoma City's Stockyards City, and soak in the rich atmosphere that has made us a favorite destination of anyone who's pulled on a pair of ropers!

Whoa. Pardon us while we loosen our belts a notch!

Just what makes Cattlemen's Steakhouse the best restaurant in Oklahoma? For starters, they have some
of the finest Midwest corn-fed-only beef. Cattlemen’s is so focused on delivering a legendary steak to
Oklahomans that the preparation of your meal actually begins many months before you arrive. The
selective corn that is fed to their cows gives the beef a buttery and soft texture that won’t be found
anywhere else in the state. Cattlemen's Steakhouse then ages the beef which helps to add flavor. And of
course, the perfect steak is cut by hand and never frozen.

But before you step foot in Cattlemen's Steakhouse its history sets the stage for one of the most unique
dining experiences ever. After all, how many Oklahoma City restaurants were won in a game of craps! That
interesting bit of Cattlemen’s history happened in 1945, but the legendary restaurant got its start as
Cattlemen’s Cafe in 1910.

The legend of Cattlemen’s is even known coast-to-coast with one New York City restaurant reviewer
saying "lived up to its reputation. The food was superb, the service friendly and the atmosphere lots of

We will see you at Cattlemen’s Steakhouse in Oklahoma City.

Image source: YouTube


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