Your Life Will Change Forever: Dusty and Jim’s LASIK Experience

October 3, 2017 | LASIK

Dusty and Jim suffered from the frustrations of glasses and contacts for years. LASIK changed their lives forever! Watch as Jim and Dusty share how LASIK has made even the simplest daily tasks a joy.

Dusty: Well, I started wearing glasses about the time I was driving and I hated to wear glasses. I still remember I was with a buddy of mine and we went to Taco Bell, and it was at night and went through the drive-through window, and then I opened my glove box. I put my glasses on to read the menu. I read the menu and then I put my glasses up, and he said, "Man, I feel real safe."

Jim: I work outdoors. I'm in landscaping, so when you're wearing glasses, you can't wear sunglasses so it's either real bright or you can't see. I then eventually switched to contacts, then started dealing with dirt and dust in my eyes all the time and red irritated eyes.

Dusty: Just did some research and the more people I talked to, it seemed like everybody had the procedure done at ClearSight.

Jim: Called, got the consultation on the exact date I needed it to be. Got in and out real quick. They told me I was a candidate. She gave me two options on how to pay. She got me approved within 20 minutes and I had eye surgery within the first week.

Dusty: When I got here, the staff again was super friendly, very relaxed, let me know what was going to happen in advance. When I went in for the procedure, the doctor was talking to me about the NFL and sports, and it was five minutes later, I was done. Immediately I could see.

Jim: I can pull up to a job site and see things just as far away as I can up close. Going to watch a 3D movie with my son, not wearing two sets of glasses, you know, and all the way down to shaving. I can shave now and not have any troubles.

Dusty: Your life will change forever. You won't have to wear glasses or contacts again. Your quality of life, just the little things like wearing sunglasses. I drove here wearing sunglasses today. You shouldn't wait another minute to have LASIK done.

Jim: I have better than perfect vision. Four or five hours of discomfort for better than perfect vision is more than enough reason to go get your eyes taken care of.


“I wish I’d done it sooner!”

The number one thing we hear from our patients is that they wish they’d had Vision Correction sooner.

So the question for you is… why wait any longer?

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