Unusual Oklahoma City Halloween Treats

October 8, 2015 | OKC

Halloween jack-o-lanternUnusual Oklahoma City Halloween Treats

We know you... you go big on Halloween! "Fun size" candy for trick-or-treaters? You wouldn't dare. It's full size or nothing at all!

You're also not the kind of Oklahoman who passes out rubber erasers, plastic spiders and pennies. But there are some very creative people in Oklahoma City... and by creative we mean unusual.

We asked ClearSight LASIK clients to share some of the more "creative" treats they've seen in their kids' trick-or-treat bags.

• Laura K. - "Pretty sure the potholder with three cows on it was the weirdest thing ever. At least it was new... it still had a store tag on it!"

• Angela A. - "Popcorn balls aren't bad but, honestly, homemade food from a stranger's home isn't something I leave in the trick-or-treat bag when they get home."

• Melissa K. - "Peppermints. The circular, striped candies people put out at Christmas. I guess it's easier... buy a few big bags of peppermints and you're all set for Halloween right through the holidays!"

• Brain L. - "When I was a kid a lady on our block would buy packs of baseball cards and put one in each kids' trick-or-treat sack. We moved to a new home after nine years and my parents always joke they wanted to move sooner but wanted me to have a whole 'team' of cards!"

• Karen B. - "Small ziplock bags of dog treats. Until the year the homeowner found out we didn't own a dog... then we started getting real candy. I think they had us mixed up with someone else.

photo credit: jack o lantern : pumpkin, brooklyn, new york city (2013) via photopin (license)


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