What it Says When Patients Bring Family Members to ClearSight

February 16, 2016 | LASIK

What it Says When Patients Bring Family Members to ClearSight

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Dr. Luke Rebenitsch: The best LASIK experiences are the smiles. They're the tears of joy. They're the handshakes outside the practice.

I had a patient last week who was a minus 9. She couldn't see anything more than just a few inches in front of her face. She said after the surgery, she was still blurry, but she said that she hadn't seen that way for years, or frankly, she said that she hadn't ever remembered seeing that well. She gave me a hug. She had a tear in her eye and I'd have to say that everybody in the room had a tear in their eye by the end of it.

I did LASIK surgery on a young man. He had an excellent outcome. He was very happy. About two weeks later, he sent his father in to see me. He said that his father's been scared about having any kind of surgery, and he said, "Dr. Luke, I trust you so much that I'm bringing my father to see you."

That is the most rewarding experience to know that a patient not only trusts me with their own eyes, but with the eyes of their family as well.


“I wish I’d done it sooner!”

The number one thing we hear from our patients is that they wish they’d had Vision Correction sooner.

So the question for you is… why wait any longer?

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