LASIK Helps Nurses Comfortably Treat Patients

September 5, 2017 | LASIK

Nurses Julia and Maya were unable to comfortably continue their lifesaving work with glasses in the way. Now they’re seeing 20/20 or better thanks to LASIK.

Julia: I think it was about fourth grade when I started wearing glasses. I became an RN, and I was doing my job one day. I was looking down on the person I was taking care of, and all of a sudden, I noticed my glasses were sliding off my face. This is not good. This is a safety hazard for me and that person. I'm like, I can't do this.

Maya: I wore contacts for 20 years, did not have a problem for 20 years. Then I developed something called giant papillary conjunctivitis, which is where your eye starts reacting to your contacts, like it's an allergy, basically. The inside of my eyelid would get bumps all over it, and it was very uncomfortable. My eye doctor actually is the one who told me, "You need to go have LASIK."

They gave me some medicine in the lobby, and then I went back and met one of the other nurses. She talked me through everything, told me the medication she was giving me. Dr. Luke came and talked to me, and he was really great. I told him I was nervous, and he said, "That makes you normal." Then they took me to the procedure room, and he talked me through everything.

Julia: I was amazed at how fast it was. I thought it was going to take like an hour or two, maybe. A minute and a half. I was like, "Oh my gosh, I'm done? That's it? That's all I had to do?" I thought it was so amazing that when I was done, I sat up, and they had a sign that said "Congratulations" at the door. I could sit there and read it. I was like, "Oh my God, this is amazing."

Maya: At work as a nurse, I actually put in PICC lines, which is a sterile procedure. I don't have to worry about my eyes now. I don't have to worry about glasses, or if a contact goes off a little bit. I don't have to worry about reaching up and pushing my glasses back on, which you can't do when you're sterile.

Julia: I love to play with my dogs, and they can play very rough, and not have to worry about them breaking and falling off. It's just great not having to worry about them anymore. It's like the best decision I ever made.

Maya: It's completely changed my life. It's made everything so much better.



“I wish I’d done it sooner!”

The number one thing we hear from our patients is that they wish they’d had Vision Correction sooner.

So the question for you is… why wait any longer?

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