Are You Asleep During LASIK? | Dr. Edmiston Answers

May 18, 2020 | LASIK

Are you asleep for LASIK?

A lot of patients ask, whenever they come in for their LASIK, "Doc, can you just put me to sleep?"

"Is it okay if you just do it while I'm sleeping? That way I don't move and mess anything up."

Actually, with LASIK, one of the important things is we really want you to be looking directly at the laser so that we can apply the laser to your line of sight, which is also called your visual axis.

Even though you're not asleep, we are going to be giving you medications to relax by mouth. And those medications do make it a lot easier to look at the green light that you're gonna be looking at for LASIK.

Our lasers have gotten really advanced at this point. We have an eye tracker that tracks your pupil and the tracker is so fast that it tracks your eye movements up to 10 times the speed of your natural movements. So it is very difficult for you to mess up your procedure now.

If you are to move far enough that the eye tracker can't track you anymore, the great news is the laser is going to stop instantly. And then the laser technology will remember where it left off. We'll just put you right back in the position, and then we'll keep going where we left off.


“I wish I’d done it sooner!”

The number one thing we hear from our patients is that they wish they’d had Vision Correction sooner.

So the question for you is… why wait any longer?

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