Tori’s EVO ICL Experience

May 17, 2016 | EVO ICL

Tori's EVO ICL Experience

I started wearing glasses when I was about 7 years old, so first grade. I haven't had glasses for about 10 years because the different between contacts and glasses was so extreme that glasses would make me dizzy. If something happened to one of my contacts, if I was out somewhere and I didn't have an extra pair, if one ripped or one fell out and I couldn't find it, I couldn't drive when something like that happened. I couldn't go to work if I didn't order contacts in time. My eyes just kind of started rejecting contacts. I was like, "I can't live like this anymore.

I wasn't really that nervous because Dr. Luke is so confident and his demeanor is so gentle. Going into the surgery that day I did get nervous but the nurses and the staff, they were so nice. They made it a point to make me as comfortable as possible. They lifted me up out of the chair and they made it like this kind of like big production. Like, "You're done. You can see now. It's all done." They kind of marched me through the hallway and they were like, "Yay Tori, Tori's done with her surgery." It made me feel really really good. You need to get it done because it will absolutely change your life. I feel like a whole person. I'm fixed.

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