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August 16, 2023 | Custom Lens Replacement (CLR)

CLR Can Help Aging Artists Discover New Creativity

At 43Vision, we are steadfastly committed to transforming lives through Custom Lens Replacement (CLR) procedures, which are performed by our team of experienced and board-certified surgeons. Our firm belief is that clear and accurate vision is not merely a convenience but a fundamental requirement for living life to its fullest. Leveraging the cutting-edge advancements in ophthalmic technology, 43Vision is in the business of not just correcting eyesight but creating possibilities – giving you a chance to truly change the way you see your world – for life!

The importance of vision in artistic creation cannot be overstated. A painter's delicate brush strokes, a photographer's impeccable framing, or a sculptor's detailed chiseling all rely on the nuances of visual perception. Subtle variations in color, depth, and contrast all play their roles in the symphony that culminates into a piece of art. Clear, sharp vision allows artists to perceive and portray the world in its full spectrum, opening the doors to their true creative potential. But how does one keep this vital asset at its prime even as age takes a toll?

This is where Custom Lens Replacement comes into play. Custom Lens Replacement, also known as Refractive Lens Exchange or lens replacement surgery, is more than a corrective procedure – it's transformative. It transcends the conventional limitations of readers and bifocals, providing a quality of vision often unattainable with traditional corrective lenses.

Custom Lens Replacement (CLR) is an advanced vision correction procedure that is similar to cataract surgery in that it replaces the eye's natural lens with a high-quality artificial intraocular lens. CLR treats near-sightedness, far-sightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia while reducing or eliminating the need for reading glasses and bifocals and offering superior clarity, depth, and color perception. With CLR, we're not just targeting 20/20 vision. We're aiming to give you the best possible vision for your individual eyes, enabling you to continue your artistic pursuits without compromise. Imagine being glasses and contacts free, with vision optimized for your unique eyes, embracing the vibrant world in all its hues and depths. That's the promise and transformative power of CLR at 43Vision.

Benefits of CLR for Different Types of Artists with 43Vision


At 43Vision, Custom Lens Replacement (CLR) has redefined the visual experience, particularly for artists like painters who depend extensively on their sense of sight. CLR is not merely a refractive correction technique, but a vision enhancement procedure that has transformative implications on color perception. By replacing the eye's natural lens with an advanced artificial one, CLR can enhance the vibrancy of colors, offering a more diverse and richer color palette to painters. This not only broadens their artistic horizon but also allows for a truer representation of the world in their creations.

In addition to visualizing vibrant colors, painters need to see at all distances, especially when painting at arms length or closer. Using progressive glasses and bifocal glasses, it is sometimes impossible to look through the right segment of the glasses if painting up high or down low. With CLR, there is a continuous range of vision, no matter what part of the visual field is being used. No more craning the neck to see ones beautiful work.

Moreover, CLR drastically improves depth perception, a key aspect for painters to represent three-dimensional reality on a two-dimensional surface. This improvement directly influences a painter's ability to discern and interpret spatial relationships, distances, and proportions, which are essential in creating a work of art that is both aesthetically pleasing and realistic. CLR can effectively reduce the visual aberrations that often hamper the accurate representation of depth, leading to a more nuanced and precise creation process.

CLR's impact on detail perception is yet another feather in its cap. It enhances the visual acuity, improving an artist's ability to perceive texture and fine details. In artistic creation, texture and detail give life to the painting. Whether it's the intricate pattern on a butterfly wing or the subtle play of light and shadow on a landscape, CLR provides a visual clarity that is often difficult to achieve with traditional corrective measures.

Furthermore, CLR proves beneficial for various painting environments. For Plein Air artists, who paint outdoors and rely heavily on natural light, CLR can help them discern the finer details and colors in the changing light conditions. In a studio environment, where controlled lighting is used, CLR enables artists to perceive subtle nuances in shadow, color, and form. And for mural work, which often involves large-scale painting on surfaces like walls and ceilings, CLR offers the advantage of maintaining clarity both up close and with distance vision, essential for working on expansive canvases.

CLR at 43Vision is more than a medical intervention - it's a key that unlocks the door to an enriched visual experience, enhancing an artist's ability to perceive, interpret, and express their vision with a newfound clarity and depth.


Custom Lens Replacement (CLR) at 43Vision is a game-changer for sculptors, offering an unparalleled clarity and precision of vision that substantially augments their ability to work with intricate details and depth. Sculpting, by nature, is a three-dimensional art form and requires an acute sense of spatial awareness. Enhanced depth perception, a notable benefit of CLR, allows sculptors to perceive and comprehend the subtle intricacies of form and structure better. This means an improved ability to judge distances and relationships between different parts of the sculpture, leading to a more balanced and accurate creation.

Detail precision, another significant advantage of CLR, is especially crucial in sculpting. Whether sculptors are crafting a life-like face or a complex abstract shape, the ability to discern and render tiny details is paramount. CLR enhances visual acuity, enabling artists to perceive and sculpt fine details with a precision that was previously challenging to achieve with conventional vision correction methods.

Eye strain is a common problem for sculptors, who often work on their creations for long, uninterrupted periods. The constant focus and attention to detail can lead to visual fatigue. However, CLR can significantly reduce this strain, as it optimizes objects at all distances and can potentially eliminate the need for corrective eyewear. This, in turn, allows for more comfortable and extended work sessions, enhancing productivity and the overall quality of the artwork.

CLR's advantages extend across various sculpting materials, including stone, metal, ceramics, and pottery. Each material has its unique visual subtleties, and CLR helps sculptors perceive these nuances more effectively. For stone and metal sculpting, which often involve intricate detailing and precise chiseling, CLR's enhanced visual clarity and depth perception can be particularly beneficial. Similarly, for ceramics and pottery, which require a fine manipulation of shape and form, the improved detail precision offered by CLR can enhance the creation process significantly.

At 43Vision, we believe that our Custom Lens Replacement procedures are not just about improving vision, but about enhancing life experiences, and for sculptors, it's about bringing their artistic visions to life with greater clarity and precision. CLR is not merely a treatment; it is a tool for creativity and expression.


Photography is an art form that heavily depends on a keen sense of visual perception, and Custom Lens Replacement (CLR) at 43Vision can play a crucial role in enhancing these necessary skills. In photography, understanding focal length and color perception are paramount, and CLR can significantly contribute to improving these aspects.

Focal length in photography refers to the distance between the lens and the image sensor when the subject is in focus. It plays a crucial role in dictating the perspective, depth of field, and the amount of the scene that can be captured. Clear vision is crucial to comprehend the effects of different focal lengths and to make the right choice based on the desired outcome. CLR enhances the clarity of vision, thereby improving the understanding of focal lengths. It enables photographers to better visualize the scene, judge the distances and choose the appropriate focal length for their desired shot.

Color perception, another vital aspect in photography, can also be improved with CLR. CLR can heighten the vibrancy and richness of colors as perceived by the eye, leading to improved ability to judge color contrasts and balances. This can result in photographs with better color composition, accurate reproductions, and aesthetically pleasing results. CLR's ability to enhance color perception can be particularly advantageous in fields like nature or portrait photography, where color plays a critical role in capturing the essence of the subject.

At 43Vision, CLR procedures are designed to not just correct vision, but to offer a clearer, sharper, and more vibrant visual experience. For photographers, this enhanced vision can lead to an improved understanding of the complexities of their art, helping them to capture their world in a way that truly reflects their unique perspective. CLR isn't just about seeing better, it's about experiencing and capturing the world in all its colorful nuances and intricate details.

Digital Artists

Digital artists, like all visual artists, rely heavily on their eyesight to create compelling and engaging works. However, the digital medium presents unique challenges – most notably, screen-related eye strain. Prolonged periods in front of digital screens can lead to symptoms like blurred vision, dry eyes, and headaches, collectively known as digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome. At 43Vision, our Custom Lens Replacement (CLR) procedures offer significant benefits in addressing these issues, while also enhancing the overall visual perception.

One of the primary benefits of CLR for digital artists is the reduction of screen-related eye strain. By replacing the eye's natural lens with a high-quality artificial one, CLR can optimize the clarity of computer screens. This reduces the strain associated with prolonged screen use and potentially eliminates the need for corrective eyewear. As a result, digital artists can work comfortably for extended periods, maintaining their creativity and productivity without compromise.

Besides reducing eye strain, CLR also provides improved visual perception. It enhances color perception, which is a crucial element in digital art. Accurate color perception allows artists to create and manipulate digital images with a more true-to-life color palette, thereby enhancing the quality of their work. Furthermore, CLR improves detail perception, ensuring that artists can discern and work with intricate details and subtle variations in their digital creations.

Finally, digital artists often work in various light conditions – from brightly lit studios to darker environments. CLR can provide better vision in these varying light conditions, making it easier for artists to work irrespective of the lighting situation.

In essence, CLR is a transformative procedure that goes beyond correcting vision; it enriches the visual experience. For digital artists, this translates into an ability to work more comfortably and produce higher quality art, reflecting their true artistic vision. At 43Vision, we're not just changing how you see - we're changing how you experience and interact with the world.

Art Educators

Art educators play a pivotal role in shaping the artistic journeys of their students, and clear, sharp vision is critical to their ability to effectively teach and demonstrate various techniques. Custom Lens Replacement (CLR) at 43Vision can significantly impact this vital aspect of art education, elevating the teaching experience for both the educators and their students.

CLR can enhance an art educator's ability to demonstrate techniques by improving the clarity and depth of their vision. The detailed, hands-on nature of artistic instruction requires keen eyesight to accurately showcase intricate techniques, be it the precise brushwork in painting, the delicate shaping in pottery, or the meticulous layering in digital art. With CLR, educators can execute and present these techniques with greater precision and accuracy, making learning more effective for students.

Moreover, improved color perception, another benefit of CLR, can be invaluable in teaching color theory and application. An enhanced understanding and interpretation of colors can allow educators to more accurately explain and demonstrate concepts like color mixing, contrast, and harmony. This can lead to a deeper, more nuanced understanding of color for their students.

Furthermore, art educators often need to switch their focus between close-up work and observing students across the room. CLR enables clear vision at all distances, making this switch more seamless and less straining on the eyes. This can be particularly beneficial during long teaching sessions, reducing eye fatigue and increasing overall comfort.

Additionally, reducing dependence on glasses or contact lenses can also aid in teaching. With CLR potentially offering glasses-free vision, educators can move more freely, without the constant need to adjust or clean their glasses, especially in hands-on and messy art environments.

CLR at 43Vision can significantly enhance the teaching capabilities of art educators. By improving their visual acuity, depth perception, color perception, and reducing eye strain, CLR enables them to teach more effectively, and in turn, inspire the next generation of artists.

Important Considerations Regarding CLR at 43Vision

At 43Vision, we understand the unique needs of artistic professionals, and this is reflected not only in our surgical approach but also in our postoperative care. Each patient is provided with a tailored recovery plan designed to facilitate a smooth return to their creative pursuits. These plans include specific eye medications, guidance on managing screen time, and recommendations for maintaining optimal eye health. Our experienced team provides comprehensive support throughout the recovery period, ensuring our patients can focus on their art while we take care of their vision.

The intraocular lens (iol) selection process at 43Vision is a collaborative one, where our skilled surgeons work closely with the patient to make the best choice. Between monofocal and multifocal lenses, the selection is based on various factors including the patient's lifestyle, visual requirements, and personal references. Monofocal lenses provide clear vision at a single distance, while multifocal intraocular lenses offer clear vision at multiple distances. For artistic professionals who require sharp vision at varying distances, multifocal lenses can often be an excellent choice. In some situations, monofocal lenses with a blended approach, one eye for distance/intermediate and one eye for intermediate/near, may be more appropriate.

While CLR is a safe procedure with a high success rate, like any surgical intervention, it does carry some potential risks and complications such as infection, inflammation, or issues with lens placement. However, at 43Vision, our experienced and board-certified surgeons are adept at managing such situations. Our comprehensive preoperative evaluation and meticulous surgical technique are designed to minimize these risks.

The financial aspects of CLR are often a concern for patients. While it does require an upfront investment, the value of long-term vision improvement is immense. By potentially eliminating the need for corrective eyewear and the associated recurring expenses, CLR can be a cost-effective solution in the long run. Moreover, at 43Vision, we offer various financing options to make this transformative procedure more accessible.

The psychological benefits of CLR should not be underestimated. Improved vision can significantly boost artistic confidence, allowing professionals to execute their work with greater assurance and precision. Furthermore, CLR can alleviate vision-related anxiety, offering a sense of liberation from the constant worry about deteriorating vision or dependence on glasses.

At 43Vision, we believe that CLR is more than a vision correction procedure. It's a life-enhancing investment, offering you the chance to experience the world through a sharper, clearer, and more vibrant lens. Whether you're an artist capturing the world's beauty or an art educator shaping future creators, with CLR, you can truly change the way you see your world - for life!

About 43Vision: A Pioneer in Vision Correction

ClearSight LASIK is a pioneer in the field of laser eye surgery in the United States, and 43Vision is its sister clinic. After taking over as owner and lead surgeon at ClearSight, Dr. Luke Rebenitsch decided that he wanted to establish a separate medical facility that would be solely devoted to the treatment of patients whose eyesight was cloudy or blurry due to age. 43Vision is a pioneer in the field of treating presbyopia and one of the first clinics of its kind in the nation.

ClearSight LASIK, known for its precision and safety, set the foundation for 43Vision's commitment to providing superior vision correction solutions. Building on this foundation, 43Vision has emerged as a pioneer in the treatment of Presbyopia, a common age-related vision condition. Through continuous innovation, 43Vision has become leaders in advanced procedures like Custom Lens Replacement (CLR), providing a highly effective solution for Presbyopia and offering patients the chance to experience clear, glasses-free vision.

Dr. Luke Rebenitsch, the driving force behind 43Vision, is a visionary in every sense of the word. With a dedication to enhancing vision and improving lives, Dr. Rebenitsch has earned international acclaim for his expertise in vision correction. He is board-certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology and holds memberships with a multitude of international vision correction societies. His commitment to employing cutting-edge technology, along with his meticulous attention to detail, have placed him at the forefront of the field. He is not only a skilled surgeon but also a compassionate practitioner, always placing the needs and wellbeing of his patients at the heart of his practice.

Under Dr. Rebenitsch's leadership, 43Vision continues to grow and break new ground in vision correction. In fact, Dr. Luke Rebenitsch has hand-picked three additional highly-skilled, fellowship-trained vision correction surgeons who are dedicated to your successful eyesight. The focus isn't simply on treating vision conditions but on empowering individuals to fully experience the world around them. By combining technological advancements with a patient-centric approach, 43Vision is changing the way people see their world - for life!


Custom Lens Replacement (CLR) at 43Vision has the transformative potential to reshape the lives and work of artists, offering a new realm of visual clarity and depth. Whether it's painters experiencing a richer palette of colors, sculptors perceiving precise depths and contours, photographers capturing scenes with enhanced depth perception and color vibrancy, or digital artists reducing screen-related eye strain and increasing their detail perception – CLR can make a world of difference.

For art educators, CLR promises an upgrade in their teaching capabilities, amplifying their demonstrations, and improving the overall teaching experience. The impact of CLR goes beyond correcting vision; it enhances the overall visual experience, providing a clearer, sharper, and more vibrant view of the world.

The value of CLR, however, is not limited to the tangible benefits it offers. The psychological empowerment that comes from improved vision – the boosted artistic confidence, the freedom from vision-related anxiety, and the independence from corrective eyewear – cannot be overstated. CLR is a life-enhancing investment that can truly change the way artists see, experience, and interact with their world.

If you're an artist considering a Custom Lens Replacement procedure, we invite you to explore the possibility of life-changing vision correction with 43Vision. This is an opportunity to enhance your artistic journey and unleash the full potential of your creative abilities. CLR is a great option for a wide range of vision issues and even those who have been told they are not a candidate for LASIK or other vision correction procedures. Remember, with 43Vision, you're not just improving how you see - you're changing how you experience your world. Don't let blurred vision limit your art or your life. Embark on the journey to crystal-clear vision with 43Vision today. Ready to transform your artistic vision and experience the world like never before? For more information get in touch with 43Vision today and take the first step towards a vibrant, glasses-free future!

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