Oklahoma City Eye Exams

An Eye Exam Without Blurry Vision? LASIK On A Friday And Back To Work Monday? Sounds Perfect. It Is!

Some folks grit their teeth at the thought of an eye exam – at ClearSight you can relax because we’ve thought of everything.

Oklahoma’s Most Convenient LASIK Eye Exam

We provide the most comprehensive and comfortable exam process in OKC:

  • No Dilation – so you don’t have to spend the next three hours with blurred vision. You can drive yourself home afterward.
  • No Puffs – we’ve invested in diagnostic technology that gives us better results without the hassles.
  • No Stinging Drops, and no discomfort.

Most folks find the examination experience enjoyable and rewarding – they not only gain an excellent understanding of their vision but as one patient put it, “It was as easy as can be!”

It’s also a great chance to bring out any and every question you can think of.

Oklahoma’s Most Convenient LASIK

One of the big worries folks have about LASIK is missing time from work or being incapacitated when they’d rather be up and at ’em. Most folks can return to work within 24-48 hours, but here’s the best way to schedule your procedure:

  • Have your LASIK on Friday: Take the weekend to test-drive your new vision, and be back at work Monday seeing as good – or better – than you ever did with lenses.
  • After your procedure: Dr. Luke will ask you to go home, take a nap so the healing process can get off to a good start, and have a good night’s sleep. When you wake up Saturday morning you’ll be ready for your first Wow! moment, and they’ll keep coming…
  • As few as 4 to 5 visits:  We know you’ll have better things to do, so your LASIK can be done in 4 to 5 visits: 1. your pre-LASIK exam; 2.final testing (if needed); 3. the day of your procedure; 4. a follow-up visit the day after the procedure; and 5. a follow-up one month after that. Of course, we’re glad to see you at any time, but these are usually the only visits that most patients need.

Most Convenient Lifetime Commitment

Most Lifetime Commitments come with some inconvenient conditions, like having to have an annual eye exam. That small point can cost you up to $1000 in additional fees, and if you miss just one, your Lifetime Commitment becomes invalid. The Lifetime Commitment on our 20/20 package does not require an annual exam to keep it in force.

ClearSight’s Precision Vision Lifetime Commitment has no hidden costs or conditions and includes any and all enhancements. And you don’t have to provide proof that you had a yearly exam.