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Dr. Luke Rebenitsch

"Dr. Luke" comes very highly regarded from one of the top refractive surgery fellowship programs in the United States, Durrie Vision, in Kansas City. There he trained and performed research under the auspices of Dr. Daniel Durrie, who is regarded to be one of the foremost refractive surgeons of our time. Dr. Luke is board certified and has been trained in "all laser" cornea refractive procedures, such as LASIK and PRK, but also the newest of refractive technological advances, including a variety of procedures Dr. Luke has brought to ClearSight.

Examples of these technologies include:

  • The Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL) – A biologically compatible lens that has been shown to provide superior vision for many who are not candidates for LASIK and PRK procedures.
  • Corneal Inlays - an exciting new alternative to reading glasses and bi-focals, Dr. Luke is one of the nation's leading experts on the KAMRA corneal inlay and is closely watching future inlay technologies as well.
  • Dysfunctional Lens Replacement (DLR) – As a permanent and cataract preventing solution to the aging process of the natural lens, DLR provides excellent visual quality as an alternative to the slowly degrading vision of presbyopia and dysfunctional lens syndrome.
  • Refractive Cataract Extraction – A form of advanced laser cataract surgery that combines the latest advances in replacement lens technology with a goal of clear vision, both near and far, without glasses or contacts.

Refractive Surgery Alliance

Dr. Rebenitsch, in conjunction with peers Dr. Jason P. Brinton, Dr. Lance Kugler and Dr. Greg Parkhurst, is a prominent member of the Refractive Surgery Alliance, a global organization comprised of 300 of the premier LASIK eye surgeons from around the world. The RSA's core principles of qualified, ethical physicianship, capital equipment and post-treatment longevity are ones that Dr. Rebenitsch holds very dear and with which he tries to imbue both his Oklahoma City practice and his staff on a daily basis.

Guiding ClearSight To The Next Generation

ClearSight is thrilled to have a surgeon of Dr. Luke’s caliber on board to lead the practice in the future. His pedigree and surgical training in all of the very latest vision correction technologies - options that extend far beyond LASIK - mean ClearSight will continue to provide OKC residents with the very best treatment options and results for patients to enjoy sight without glasses at any age.

Meet Dr. Luke

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