“It’s Truly Amazing!”: Taylor’s ICL Experience

After Taylor graduated from college, she knew it was time for a visit to ClearSight. Here’s how the ICL procedure changed her life.

Taylor: I started wearing glasses when I was in third grade. I started wearing contacts I think in seventh grade. I can remember going to take a shower one morning and saw a blob in the bathtub and was like, “Not going to go in there yet.” I put my glasses on and it was a mouse. I couldn’t see unless something was this close to my face. I was very, very nearsighted.

I called ClearSight because I thought that I would try to do LASIK. When I came, they said that I could possibly do it but that I probably wouldn’t have very good results because of how bad my vision was. They told me about ICL.

It didn’t take long at all inside the procedure room, maybe like 15, it didn’t seem long. It seemed like 15 minutes. They did one eye at a time. It didn’t hurt. There was some pressure, but it wasn’t painful at all. I couldn’t open my eyes for the first 24 hours. After I could, it was slightly gradual, like it wasn’t immediate. Then by two days after it was perfect.

I think that a lot of people don’t know about ICL and that it’s scary. Because people don’t know about it, they think that it’s scary, but it’s not. It was amazing and the recovery was so fast. Just to know that you can go from literally not being able to see people’s facial expressions to seeing everything, it’s truly amazing.