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LASIK Procedure Information:

LASIK means comfort, freedom and better vision! All-laser LASIK is the most advanced evolution for the flap-creation step. In the ‘bladeless’ or ‘all-laser’ technique, a laser forms bubbles in the corneal tissue to create the flap rather than using a blade. The advantages with this advanced technique are more accuracy,  stability and greater patient comfort. LASIK addresses common vision issues by using lasers to reshape the curve of the cornea and solve ‘refractive error’.

LASIK is Affordable:

  1. 24 month $0 down, 0% financing from $167/mo. (WAC)
  2. 60 month extended financing from $99/mo. (WAC)

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SMILE Procedure Information:

SMILE is proven, gentle and fastthe latest option for Laser Vision Correction! SMILE is an acronym for SMall Incision Lenticule Extraction. To put it simply, SMILE is a laser vision correction procedure that treats nearsightedness, the most common eye focusing issue. It is performed with one of the same lasers we use for LASIK but with a different technique. SMILE leaves the surface of the cornea almost untouched allowing for a strong cornea, fast healing, quick recovery and maximum comfort.

SMILE is Affordable:

  1. 24 month $0 down, 0% financing from $209/mo. (WAC)
  2. 60 month extended financing from $114/mo. (WAC)

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DLR Procedure Information:

The final option for consideration is DLR, or dysfunctional lens replacement. This procedure replaces the natural lens with a technologically advanced lens that can restore vision at all distances, and will even prevent cataracts from developing in the future.

DLR is often recommended for patients who have already started to experience some of the aging effects of DLS (dysfunctional lens syndrome), including less crisp vision, cloudiness and glare and halos at night. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, DLR might be your best option!

DLR is Affordable:

  1. 36 month $0 down, 0% financing from $237 to $362/mo . (WAC)
  2. 60 month extended financing from $169 to $258/mo. (WAC)

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*Extended financing based on 6.99% to 12.9% APR (wac). Complete details on the money back guarantee and lifetime commitment are available at your Free Exam.

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