Oklahoma City Solutions for Presbyopia

Frustrated by Reading Glasses or Bifocals?

No More Readers

As we enter our 40s, everyone will start to notice their near vision becoming blurry – even if you had LASIK in the past. Eventually you will have trouble reading text on your phone and computer and will have to hold items further away to be able to focus on them.  This near vision loss is called presbyopia, and is the first stage of a condition called Dysfunctional Lens Syndrome(DLS) which is a natural part of the aging process that affects the lens of your eye:


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Are There Treatments Available for Presbyopia?

Historically the only solution for presbyopia was using reading glasses or bifocals.  However, there are now several technologies that have helped people all over the world once again enjoy life without lenses!

KAMRA™ Inlay:

The KAMRA™ corneal inlay is an implant specifically designed to improve blurry near vision due to presbyopia, allowing you to read again.  In fact for people who wear bifocals, we often combine the KAMRA™ inlay with LASIK to correct your vision at all distances, for a lens-free lifestyle!   We typically recommend KAMRA™ for people between the ages of 43 and 49 with otherwise normal healthy eyes.

For more detailed information about the KAMRA corneal inlay, visit:  KAMRA™ inlay.

Lens Replacement (LR):

  • Can nearly eliminate both bifocals and reading glasses

  • Permanent, lifelong solution

  • Colors are often more vivid and brighter

  • Prevents cataract surgery

Dysfunctional Lens Syndrome progresses as we age so that the lens of your eye gradually begins to yellow and cloud.  This clouding causes light to scatter, which results in glare and halos (especially at night), as well as overall reduced clarity of your vision. This typically begins in our 50’s and if left untreated eventually results in a cataract.

For patients in their 50s and beyond, we usually recommend lens replacement (LR) instead of laser vision correction or corneal inlays. In Lens Replacement, we replace the dysfunctional lens with a clear, technologically advanced customized lens. We may also recommend lens replacement for patients in their 40s who want a more permanent solution for their vision since lens replacement fixes the underlying cause of dysfunctional lens syndrome by replacing the aging lens.

Lens Replacement is an amazing treatment because it is able to fix so many vision issues with one simple procedure.   It not only corrects your glasses prescription – in most cases correcting both your distance vision and near vision – it also allows us to fix the clouding of the lens and provide a better quality of vision at the same time.

This treatment also prevents any future development of cataracts, so there will be no need for cataract surgery in your future.  Read more about LR.

Which Option Is Best For Me?

To discover all the options available to correct your vision requires a thorough exam.  At ClearSight, we have implemented one of the most sophisticated exam processes in the country, and we will consult with you on all options available. The best part?  The exam is FREE.

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