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Based on the answers you provided and your age range, there are a number of solutions that could eliminate your dependence on glasses and contacts.

Because of your age, it is likely that you have already started to experience the effects of presbyopia, a condition that can make reading things up close more difficult as we age. These procedures help to correct distance vision as well as the effects of presbyopia.  Your options include:

LASIK Vision Correction
Your first option is the most straightforward: receiving a simple, all-laser LASIK procedure that will correct your distance vision, leaving you with clear sight from medium to far ranges – suitable for most daily activities, including driving. However by choosing this treatment option, you would still need to rely on reading glasses when necessary to see things up close. Learn more about all-laser LASIK.

Monovision LASIK
The second option is called monovision LASIK. We all have a dominant eye just like we have a dominant hand. Monovision LASIK treats the vision in both of your eyes, but corrects your dominant eye for distance, and your non-dominant eye to see things up close. Your brain then balances this ‘blended vision’ so you can see clearly both near and far. Learn more about Monovision LASIK.

KAMRA™ Corneal Inlay
The third option that you are likely a candidate for is the KAMRA™ corneal inlay. The Kamra inlay is the latest FDA approved treatment, and is specifically designed to restore near vision while maintaining clear vision at a distance. The inlay itself is a thin ring which is placed within the cornea and has an opening – or pinhole – in the center that only allows focused light to enter your eye. We often combine the KAMRA™ inlay with LASIK to help our patients achieve complete freedom from glasses and contacts. Learn more about the KAMRA™ inlay.

Lens Replacement
The final option for consideration is LR, or lens replacement. This procedure replaces the natural lens with a technologically advanced lens that can restore vision at all distances, and will even prevent cataracts from developing in the future. Lens Replacement is often recommended for patients who have already started to experience some of the aging effects of DLS (dysfunctional lens syndrome), including less crisp vision, cloudiness and glare and halos at night. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, Lens Replacement might be your best option! Learn more about Lens Replacement.

You are in an age range that provides you with multiple options – to discover the best treatment suited for your needs and your vision, we recommend you schedule a complimentary eye exam with our center, where we’ll examine your vision and eye health, and determine the best treatment option for you.

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