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Based on your age and your test results, you are likely a great candidate for vision correction treatment with the Visian ICL:  a simple outpatient procedure that provides an immediate improvement in vision.

The Visian ICL is an advanced vision correction treatment technology and LASIK alternative for those patients with moderate to severe nearsightedness.  We generally recommend this treatment option for individuals whose nearsightedness is -7 or worse (-8,-9,-10…etc), as the results have often proven to be better than LASIK for patients with higher prescriptions!  Plus, the procedure is completely reversible.

You can learn all about the ICL treatment we provide at ClearSight by clicking here.

LASIK may still be a viable option as well, but it is hard to determine without knowing your exact prescription and overall eye health.  That’s why we recommend scheduling your free, no pressure eye exam and evaluation so we can determine your best option and the visual result you should expect.

The Next Step:  Free Exam and Consultation

To know for sure if you are a good candidate requires a number of eye tests that can only be done in person.  The good news is we provide our full and comprehensive exams for free.  It’s also your chance to meet us, have all your questions answered, and if you’re feeling comfortable and confident, to schedule a date for your vision correction.

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