George says: I was the guinea pig. My wife wanted to see how things turned out for me before she decided to get it.

The next day I was in the living room and I was watching the TV and I called her, she was at work I’d actually had the day off. It was the day after my surgery and I called her. I said, “I did a really good job picking out this TV a couple years ago. This TV is really nice.” She’s like, “We’ve had that TV for like 2 years.” I’m like, “I know, but everything’s just so nice. This is a really good TV.” Then I went outside to check the mail and I just couldn’t believe I could see addresses on top of the mailboxes down the street of my neighborhood. It was like seeing the world in HD. I felt like I was seeing the world in standard definition with my glasses, and then with LASIK I see it in HD now. It’s just like, “Woah!”

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