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Current LASIK payment plan specials:

With current specials, most everyone has options that fall within the $3,998 – $5,998 range for LASIK. We offer everyone 0% interest financing options for payments as low as $167/mo! LASIK is Affordable:

  1. 24 month $0 down, 0% financing from $167 to $209/mo. (WAC)
  2. 60 month extended financing from $99 to $114/mo. (WAC)

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‘All-Inclusive’ Pricing: Our all-inclusive pricing option includes everything needed to get you the best possible outcome that will have you seeing clearly without glasses or contacts. For LASIK this includes:

  • Your comprehensive preoperative diagnostic examinations
  • Your LASIK vision correction procedure
  • All required prescription medications and prescription drops (for up to 3 months as needed)
  • All post-operative examinations for 2 years (as needed)
  • Our 20/20 or it’s FREE LASIK Guarantee*
  • Lifetime Commitment that includes any post-operative laser touch ups for life*

A Little Bit More About LASIK

LASIK means comfort, freedom and better vision! All-laser LASIK is the most advanced evolution for the flap-creation step. In the ‘bladeless’ or ‘all-laser’ technique, a laser forms bubbles in the corneal tissue to create the flap rather than using a blade. The advantages with this advanced technique are more accuracy,  stability and greater patient comfort. LASIK addresses common vision issues by using lasers to reshape the curve of the cornea and solve ‘refractive error’.

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*Extended financing available WAC – APR and payment based on credit history. Complete details on the money back guarantee and lifetime commitment are available at your Free Exam.

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