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Take it from our very happy patients. It's just surreal to me that I can see when I wake up in the morning. Plus my eyes don't get dry's been perfect. I wish I would've done this several years ago. Quote from patient Jeffrey S.

Third Party Reviews

We are indeed proud to have earned a very large number of outstanding 5-star reviews! We don't think this happens by accident. Our goal at ClearSight is to create terrific, visual results for the people we serve and provide care in a friendly, comfortable, patient-centered manner.

The significance, popularity and relevance of third-party review sites has increased dramatically in the past few years. Dr. Luke and the entire team at ClearSight are very proud to have earned these reviews, and we're happy to share them with you!

While we do invite patients to post their comments and reviews, we do not create any monetary or other incentive to post anything other than an honest, candid review.

Recent Reviews

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Patient Stories

Watch below as some of our patients talk about their LASIK experience: their fears, motivations, and results, as well as their experience with us at ClearSight.

Bailey W.

"I would always have to worry about “Where are my glasses, where are my contacts" Now, I just wake up. I start my day. I go to bed. I don’t have to think about it. It’s so nice to just have one thing off my plate when I’ve got a million others."

Watch Baley's Full LASIK Story
Scott K.

"Really what made me commit to doing the ICL was Dr. Luke himself. Really what sealed the deal was his passion for what he did. You should get this procedure done at ClearSight of all places first because there is no one I would trust more."

Watch Scott's Full ICL Story
Channon B.

"I like Doctor Luke. He goes over everything with you from the day one. Even after the first surgery, he texted to see if I was okay. Life without readers is wonderful, wonderful. You don’t have to use glasses. You’re free of all that."

Watch Channon's Full DLR Story
Joe B.

"Doctor Luke’s like, “Hey, here’s my phone number, if you have any questions, text me”. I mean he’s really dedicated to making sure you feel comfortable. "

Watch Joe's Full PRK Story
Franchell G.

"I got tired of the glasses, and I figured you only live once, try it out, let’s see! It’s better now because I still play sports, and I don’t have to worry about where are my contacts, or my glasses, make sure I have the eye wipes for my eyes. I couldn’t ask for a better place to work on my vision."

Watch Fran's Full SMILE Story
Angela P.

"I mean Dr. Luke, God bless him because I texted him three times a day for the first week after my surgery. The recovery was super quick and no pain at all. I tell everybody, “Go get it. If you’re a candidate, go do it. Don’t hesitate.""

Watch Angela's Full DLR Story
Bill R.

"I didn’t think it was possible. I really didn’t. I came in, and they said, “Yeah. It’s … Absolutely. When do you want to set it up?” nothing beats the fact of you on your own seeing everything in the focus that it should be, sharp as a tack. Once you see the results, you know that you made the right decision."

Watch Bill's Full DLR Story
Jim M.

"I can pull up to a job site and see things just as far away as I can up close... I have better than perfect vision. Four or five hours of discomfort for better than perfect vision is more than enough reason to go get your eyes taken care of."

Watch Jim's Full LASIK Story

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