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Take it from our very happy patients. It's just surreal to me that I can see when I wake up in the morning. Plus my eyes don't get dry's been perfect. I wish I would've done this several years ago. Quote from patient Jeffrey S.

Third Party Reviews

We are indeed proud to have earned a very large number of outstanding 5-star reviews! We don't think this happens by accident. Our goal at ClearSight is to create terrific, visual results for the people we serve and provide care in a friendly, comfortable, patient-centered manner.

The significance, popularity and relevance of third-party review sites has increased dramatically in the past few years. Dr. Gary Wilson and the entire team at ClearSight are very proud to have earned these reviews, and we're happy to share them with you!

While we do invite patients to post their comments and reviews, we do not create any monetary or other incentive to post anything other than an honest, candid review.

Recent Reviews

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Patient Stories

Watch below as some of our patients talk about their LASIK experience: their fears, motivations, and results, as well as their experience with us at ClearSight.

Tyrus Taylor

"It's the second best decision I have made in my life, the first was when I married my wife and the second was having LASIK! I'm over the moon about LASIK. I see way better now than I have ever seen in my life!"

Watch Tyrus' Full LASIK Story
Salomon Nguyen

"It was the most amazing thing I have ever done for myself! The WOW moment was really right after the procedure, I could see so clearly I thought I had contacts in."

Watch Salomon's Full LASIK Story
Mimi Phomsouvanh

"LASIK is wonderful, I can wakeup and see the world! Knowing how easy it was I wish I would have done it sooner. Life after LASIK is just wonderful, I love it. ClearSight is the best place to go!"

Watch Mimi's Full LASIK Story
Mathew Menhennet

"Waking up not worrying about my glasses or contacts is great! I would definitely recommend LASIK to anyone. ClearSight was so welcoming and the procedure itself was so easy!"

Watch Mathew's Full LASIK Story
Kristi Youngblood

"It's really been life changing. My vision now is better than it ever was with any contact lens or glasses. LASIK has really changed my life and given me freedom!"

Watch Kristi's Full LASIK Story
Jeffrey Samuels

"Before LASIK my eyesight was terrible, I was as blind as a bat. It's surreal to me that I can wakeup in the morning and see. I've had no regrets; my experience with LASIK has been priceless!"

Watch Jeffrey's Full LASIK Story
Clancey Stewart

"My vision before was -6.25 but now I see 20/12, better than 20/20! I couldn't have chosen a better place to have my LASIK, there is no practice out there better than ClearSight."

Watch Clancey's Full LASIK Story
Cindy Garner

"I went from seeing 20/800 to 20/16! After having LASIK my vision is perfect. LASIK was such a surreal experience, it's still hard to believe that I don't have to put in my contacts anymore and I can SEE!"

Watch Cindy's Full LASIK Story

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