Oklahoma City allergy sufferers can benefit from a visit to ClearSight LASIK. If you wear contacts or eyeglasses then you know dry, windy conditions are not pleasant. Contacts dry out, eyeglasses get dirty. Dirt blows into your eyes can be painful and even dangerous. Contact lens wearers can even experience build-up on contact lenses, which can be dangerous to the eye!

Pollen, dust, dirt… the promise a better vision with contacts is no longer an accepted reality. And eye care professionals will tell you, the older a person gets the less likely they are to want to deal with the hassle of contacts. Which means going back to glasses — and the same old hassles!

Some allergy sufferers who wear contacts say when they develop allergy bumps on the inside of their eyelid, it’s like sandpaper scratching their lenses and eyes. Ouch!

And if you work in the oil, farming or ranching industries you already know of the hassles of contacts and glasses. A fleck of grass could feel like a boulder in the eye!

When you visit ClearSight LASIK you’ll say goodbye to the never-ending discomfort brought on by airborne allergens, dust, dirt, wind and the dozens of other foreign objects that can make life with glasses or contacts less than enjoyable.

ClearSight LASIK won’t stop your sneezing, but we can keep your glasses from falling off your head the next time allergies strike!

photo credit: Drifting away via photopin (license)