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ClearSight LASIK and Dr. Luke Rebenitsch are proud to exclusively offer all OKC residents the very latest in laser vision correction.

The lasers used today at ClearSight, the Ziemer Femtosecond, VisuMax Femtosecond, Allegretto Wavelight EX500 and the Zeiss MEL-80, are the newest generation of vision correction technology available.

With these lasers, we are capable of correcting a wider range of prescriptions, and achieving significantly better results, with greater patient comfort. Additionally, this laser combination has been proven to actually improve night vision, compared to older generation lasers that could worsen it for some patients.

Thanks to this next generation of technology, are you now a ClearSight LASIK candidate? It’s easy to find out, just take our quick online self-evaluation test!

It only takes a few moments, and we can tell you if you’re in the ballpark for LASIK at ClearSight! If you aren’t, we’ll do our best to explain why. Good luck!

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