New Procedures Means Better Vision for Oklahoma City

I feel like I’m one with the practice. All of the early goals that I’ve wanted to accomplish, I’ve already made. We’ve added a number of procedures. We’ve added the ICL. We’ve added the dysfunctional lens replacement. We’ve added the KAMRA inlay. All of these technologies and things are able to help more people and patients are happy. I’m happy. It’s just a very great atmosphere right now.

The ICL is an excellent technology for people who may not be the best candidate for laser. A lot of the studies show that ICL is a technology that will have better, almost HD vision in a sense, for patients who have very high prescriptions — who have never seen at all.

The dysfunctional lens replacement or DLR, it’s similar to cataract surgery. After around the age of 40, the lens within the eye, the crystalline lens, continues to age to the point where you just can’t zoom back and forth like you used to. Many times it’s just great to replace their natural lens with one of the great technologies that we now have. We have the ability to allow people to see both far away and up close in the same eye. This is technology that we didn’t have five years ago.

The KAMRA inlay has become one of my favorite procedures. It is absolutely incredible what we’re able to accomplish. It’s like putting time on hold. It allows you to go back to where you were, to being able to be functional, to see that computer screen, to read a book, and nobody knows about it. The implant is so small, that unless you’re really looking for it, nobody can see it. One of our own doctors here in the practice has had the inlay and he came in today with a biggest smile on his face that I’ve seen. He said, “Luke, I haven’t seen this well for years.”