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Visian ICL™

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KAMRA™ Inlay:

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Visian ICL Pricing & Payment Information

Current ICL payment plan specials:

With current specials, our price for the Visian ICL procedure is $6998, which includes both eyes for your all-inclusive, glasses-free treatment. We offer financing options for payments as low as $149/mo.

Payment options:
1. $292/mo – 24 month 0% financing.
2. $149/mo – 60 month extended financing. (WAC)

The Visian ICL™ is a premium vision correction procedure that in many cases, especially for patients with high degrees of nearsightedness, can provide even better results than with LASIK!

Here at ClearSight we pride ourselves on providing patients with the very best technology and care options that will give our patients their best results. We also want to make all of our vision correction procedures as affordable as possible, so you are receiving the overall best value offered anywhere in the country.

A Little Bit More About ICL

The Visian ICL treatment cost is slightly higher than LASIK, and that’s mainly due to 2 factors:

1. The lenses themselves cost more
2. The procedure requirements cost more

However, there are significant benefits to the ICL, including:

  • It is reversible. The procedure provides most patients with decades of clear vision. However, it is comforting to know that the lens can be removed at any point.
  • For people with high prescriptions, the Visian ICL could provide you with sharper and more vivid results than other vision correction procedures, including LASIK.
  • The Visian ICL treatment has a very fast recovery period – as little as one day. In fact you will see marked improvement almost immediately after treatment!

» Learn more about the Visian ICL.

KAMRA Pricing & Payment Information

Current KAMRA payment plan specials:

With current specials, our price for the KAMRA inlay procedure is $6998 for your all-inclusive, glasses-free treatment. We offer financing options for payments as low as $149/mo.

Payment options:
1. $292/mo – 24 month 0% financing.
2. $149/mo – 60 month extended financing. (WAC)

Since the KAMRA inlay is a specific treatment to correct f presbyopia – the loss of flexibility in the lens of the eye – it must be combined with another treatment such as LASIK to be able to see clearly at all distances.

But the benefits are clear: after the all-inclusive KAMRA inlay treatment from ClearSight, you will be able to see clearly both near AND far, without the aid of glasses, contacts, readers or bifocals!

A Little Bit More About KAMRA™ Corneal Inlay

If you’re over the age of 45 and currently rely on glasses or bifocals to see clearly up close, then the KAMRA™ inlay could provide you the freedom you’re looking for!

The Kamra inlay is the latest FDA approved treatment, and is specifically designed to restore near vision while maintaining clear vision at a distance. The inlay itself is a thin ring which is placed within the cornea and has an opening – or pinhole – in the center that only allows focused light to enter your eye.

We often combine KAMRA™ with LASIK to help patients achieve complete freedom from glasses and contacts.

» Learn more about the KAMRA™ inlay.

DLR Pricing & Payment Information

Current DLR payment plan specials:

With current specials, the cost for DLR is $12,998, which covers treatment for both eyes and is all-inclusive. We offer financing options for payments as low as $277/mo.

Payment options:
1. $362/mo – 36 month 0% financing.
2. $277/mo – 60 month extended financing. (WAC)

Our DLR treatment is considered a premium procedure, and costs more than most other vision correction options. This is mainly due to 4 reasons:

1. It requires the precise skill and expertise only provided by a highly trained Ophthalmic Surgeon
2. The cost of laser removal of your existing lens
3. The cost of the specialty engineered replacement lenses
4. Lens procedures are performed in an outpatient surgical center

While this is by no means a small amount of money, the benefits are clear, especially when you compare it to the hassles and frustrations of wearing glasses, plus the fact that without DLR treatment you’ll eventually develop cataracts and need the same surgery down the road anyways.

A Little Bit More About DLR

The final option for consideration is DLR, or dysfunctional lens replacement. This procedure replaces the natural lens with a technologically advanced lens that can restore vision at all distances, and will even prevent cataracts from developing in the future.

DLR is often recommended for patients who have already started to experience some of the aging effects of DLS (dysfunctional lens syndrome), including less crisp vision, cloudiness and glare and halos at night. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, DLR might be your best option!

» Learn more about DLR.

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