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KAMRA™ Inlay: A revolutionary, new technology, a proven solution for presbyopia.

Recently approved by the FDA, KAMRA™ inlay is the most promising technology to correct presbyopia to date. This procedure has been proven to safely and effectively restore your up close vision – without affecting distance vision. In fact, even patients who have had or are considering LASIK can benefit from this revolutionary treatment.

ClearSight is the first center in Oklahoma to offer patients this revolutionary, new treatment for reading vision.

What is the KAMRA™ Corneal Inlay?

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The KAMRA™ Inlay is an opaque, rigid circular micro-disc, smaller than a contact lens, with a tiny opening in the center. It is designed to work much like the aperture of a camera, only allowing focused light to pass through.

By controlling the focused light that reaches the retina and blocking out unfocused light, the inlay allows for a wider range of improved vision at all distances – near, far and in between.

The KAMRA™ Procedure

The KAMRA™ procedure is a lot like LASIK – quick with little, if any, discomfort. From start to finish, the procedure often takes less than 20 minutes. The technique used to insert the inlay depends on if you are also having LASIK:

  • Treatment for presbyopia only: A tiny opening is created using a femtosecond laser (the same laser used to make the flap in the LASIK procedure) on the surface of your cornea in front of the pupil; the inlay is inserted, and the cornea heals naturally around it.  While it can take a month or more to achieve full results, most people can return to work and resume normal activities within a day or two!
  • Treatment for both close-up and distance vision: If you also rely on glasses and contacts to see objects far away, you can combine your KAMRA procedure with LASIK treatment to correct your vision at all distances. The treatments are quite similar and are usually performed together on the same day.

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What Benefits can I expect?

Before and after KARMA Inlay

  • After a KAMRA™ inlay procedure, patients can expect improvement in their up-close vision – reducing or even eliminating the need for reading glasses. If done in conjunction with LASIK, you should expect clear vision across all distances – near, far and in between.
  • This means everyday activities will become easier – reading the newspaper, a text message, a menu, the laptop screen, food labels, pill bottles, price tags…the list goes on and on.
  • While KAMRA restores everyday near vision, for some individuals reading glasses may still be needed for specific situations, such as reading the smallest print or in very dim lighting situations.
  • While most people return to work within 24 to 48 hours after treatment, it can take a month or more to achieve the maximum visual benefits.

Am I a candidate for the KAMRA™ inlay?

You may be a KAMRA™ candidate if:

  • You are age 45-60 and experiencing the onset of presbyopia.
  • You are in good general health
  • You currently wear reading glasses or bifocals/trifocals

Your candidacy for the KAMRA™ inlay can be determined at our free consultation.

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