ICL Revolutionized Scott’s Life

After living most of his life with glasses, Scott was finally able to get ICL all thanks to one special person. Watch as Scott tells his touching story.

Scott: In third grade is when I got my glasses. I remember being selected for a lead part in that year’s Christmas program and I couldn’t read the lines. That’s why I went to go get glasses.
My grandmother passed away about a year and a half ago and in her will she left some money for both myself and my brother to have this procedure done. Money was no longer an object for that.

Came in to here at ClearSight. After visiting with the staff, found at that LASIK, which is what I was expecting, was actually not an option because of my prescription and whatnot. Dr. Luke here had talked about the ICL procedure. Really what made me commit to doing the ICL was Dr. Luke himself. I talked to him directly. He answered my questions. Really what sealed the deal was his passion for what he did. That really spoke to me.

Every step of the way, it was, “This is what’s going to happen. This is what it’s going to feel like.” There was no surprises. It was very step by step, and it wasn’t like we’re going to rush you through because we’ve got the next guy waiting. It was this is your day, and we’re going to take the whole day for you, is what it felt like.

About two weeks after surgery, I was driving back and I looked up. There was a mountain in the distance, and on top of that mountain, I could see trees. More than that, I could see the branches sway. It had to have been several miles away. It was unreal. It was the very first time that something like that had every happened in my life.

You should get this procedure done at ClearSight of all places first because there is no one I would trust more.

I would trust them with my own kids’ eyesight. My daughter, I’m seeing her eyesight degenerate and we’ve already started to put away a fund so that she can have what I have now.

There is something that happens every single day that I see that I would not have seen before, and it’s because of her and my granddad and for them putting away for me. The words thank you are not enough. It has revolutionized the way that I live.