Complication-Free LASIK Means Painstaking Attention To Detail, A Skilled and Dedicated Surgeon, And A Relentless Commitment To Investing In Advanced Technology

LASIK is considered one of the safest and most effective of all surgical procedures, but there’s always that instinctive fear of someone touching our eyes… Here’s why we say we provide the SAFEST LASIK in OKC:

  • InralaseOur Exam: Ensuring the safest LASIK in OKC means taking zero short-cuts in the exam process. Most LASIK complications occur because of inadequate or rushed exams. We perform the most precise and comprehensive exam process in the region. Dr. Luke won’t approve anyone for surgery if he doesn’t believe he can provide him or her with their best possible level of vision, or for most patients 20/20 or better.
  • Our Surgeon’s Skill: When Dr. Luke invites you to settle back for your LASIK you can take comfort that you’re in the hands of a skilled and experienced surgeon.
  • Our Technology: Factually, LASIK would not be possible without the incredible advances in laser technology over the past decade. LASIK outcomes match these advances – combined with the skill of the surgeon – and at ClearSight we have both – the most advanced technology and the most experienced full-time LASIK specialist in OKC. Dr. Luke uses the most advanced lasers available – the Ziemer Femtosecond laser for the first flap creation step, and the Allegretto WAVELIGHT EX500 laser to correct the corneal irregularities, the only laser recognized by the FDA as improving night vision.

Dr. Luke oversees EVERY step of the process from the free LASIK Consultation, pre-op testing, the procedure itself, and any follow-up care.

As Dr. Luke says: “We’re not running a production line here at ClearSight, we’re never in a hurry, we never take short-cuts, and we’re answerable only to our patients – not a board of directors in another state. We’re being entrusted with our patients’ eye health and their hopes for the best vision they can achieve, therefore safety is our foremost concern.”