A Comprehensive Exam Process + Our Advanced Technology, + An Experienced LASIK Surgeon = An Outcome You’ll Have To See To Believe

Achieving the best vision possible for every patient is a commitment that begins with the Free LASIK Consultation, and includes advanced LASIK technology, and continues through our 20/20 Money Back Guarantee.

While many centers offer verbal assurances as to the quality of outcome, Dr. Luke is the only LASIK surgeon in OKC to back up his commitment in writing.

ClearSight provides the only LASIK in OKC backed by a 20/20 Money Back Guarantee.

Dr. Luke provides a 20/20 Money Back Guarantee based on evidence that most of his patients see better than 20/20. The reason for such consistency of results lies in three factors:

  • Ensuring every patient is a good LASIK candidate in the first place. Most LASIK complications occur because of inadequate or rushed examination and screening procedures. Some eyes are just not right for LASIK, and a production-line approach can overlook conditions or factors that could mean a less than satisfactory result. Dr. Luke insists on a thorough—and comfortable—examination process in the region, ensuring that every detail is double- and triple-checked before he greenlights any patient for LASIK.
  • Advanced Technology. LASIK would be impossible without laser technology, but since the 1990s LASIK has undergone a number of technological evolutions and advancements, with the most modern lasers providing significant improvements over equipment that was considered state-of-the-art even just a few years ago. The ZIEMER Femtosecond laser Dr. Luke uses for the flap creation step is the most current advancement on the Intralase laser, providing even greater accuracy and patient comfort, and the Allegretto WAVELIGHT EX500 excimer laser is the only laser recognized by the FDA as actually improving night vision.

Our 20/20 Guarantee means you’ll get 20/20 vision – or better – or we will refund your procedure fee in full. We know you don’t want your money back – you want 20/20 vision – therefore our 20/20 Money Back Guarantee is not so much a financial encouragement as a commitment to excellence.

We KNOW you’ll receive excellent care, the comfort, speed, and results that benefit from our advanced technology, and the best outcome possible, and we’re prepared to back that up in writing.

We are prepared to back up all these statements in writing—along with our 20/20 guarantee—to you. We encourage you to ask other OKC LASIK providers the same.