No “Puffs,” No Stinging Drops – Our Comprehensive Consultation is “Easy As Can Be!”

A full and comprehensive exam is the ONLY way to know which vision correction option will be right for you, but some folks hesitate to take us up on this free offer because they just don’t know what to expect – or they fear being on the receiving end of a sales pitch. Here’s some reassurance on these points:

  • Most folks find the examination experience enjoyable and rewarding – no surprising puffs or stinging eye drops – and they not only gain an excellent understanding about their vision, but as one patient put it, “It was as easy as can be!”
  • It’s comfortable, and you won’t spend the rest of the day with blurry vision – because we’ve invested in technology that actually gives us a BETTER exam for your eyes without the need for dilating drops
  • Leave your checkbook at home – since the exam is really the first vital step in determining your best treatment option, we don’t talk about money until you do.

Our whole exam process, the most thorough and comprehensive in Oklahoma City, takes about 90 minutes, and here’s how it works:

Step One Your Peace of Mind:  Almost every person who walks into our center has concerns and questions about vision correction.  So, our first goal is to find out exactly what you’re worried about and make sure we answer any and every question you might have.

Step TwoThe Exam: This step begins by meeting one of our physicians who will take a full medical history of your eyes and eye health. The exam includes full corneal mapping of your eyes, refraction measurement, corneal thickness measurement, tear film evaluation, and precise plotting of your pupil size.

Many patients find themselves fascinated by the techniques and technology we use. We’re proud of the thoroughness of our exam process, and we’ll explain in detail the purpose of each test.  Please feel free to ask us anything you want to known as you go through the exam process.

Step ThreeThe Personal Consultation: This is when you’ll find out the results from your exam, if you’re a good candidate for vision correction, and the treatment options we recommend.  We also use this time to explain the details of treatment;  time needed to be out of contacts, what would happen on the day of the surgery, recovery time, and any additional questions you may have.

At this point we will also cover the cost of treatment.  We strive to make vision correction affordable and attainable for everyone.  We offer generous low interest and no interest financing regardless of credit,  as well as a variety of payment options and will work within your budget.

Ultimately, we want to give you as much information as we can so you feel confident in your decision of whether or not to pursue vision correction with us at ClearSight.

Not only is our free exam the most accurate and comprehensive in Oklahoma City, it’s also the easiest:

  • You do NOT have to be out of your contacts before the exam

    Some centers want you to be contacts-free a full two weeks before they’ll tell you whether or not you’re a good candidate. While it helps us if you can switch to glasses for a few days before the exam, it is not essential for determining if you’re a good candidate – and that’s what this exam is all about.  Because contact lenses do affect the shape of your cornea, you will need to stay out of your contacts for some amount of time (2 to 3 weeks depending on the type of contacts) before treatment.  So, if you just want to come to the exam to find out if you are a candidate, a few days out of contacts helps but isn’t necessary.

  • You won’t need a driver on the day of your exam

    If you’ve ever had your eyes dilated you’ll probably expect to need a driver on the day of your consultation. Dilating drops make your pupils really large and your vision blurry for the rest of the day, and many folks don’t feel safe driving after a dilated eye exam. That’s why we don’t use them – instead we’ve invested in technology that actually gives us a BETTER exam for your eyes without the need for dilating drops.

  • No sales pressure

    This is an easy one for us.  The purpose of this examination is to verify that you’re a vision correction candidate and to discover the treatment options that will give you your best result.

    If you feel comfortable and confident in the results of your exam and wish to schedule your procedure, that’s great! But that’s not our goal.  We want you to be informed and educated on all your options – so relax, and leave your checkbook at home.

    The consultation is the starting point of serious consideration about pursuing vision correction, and we recommend it BEFORE you launch into research mode. Then, when you’re ready to make your decision you have all the facts at your fingertips.

  • It’s free!

    Our examination involves some very hi-tech equipment and the skills of several highly trained staff.  If you walked into your local optometrist’s office you would probably be charged $200 or more, and still not receive the same level of thoroughness as we provide for free.

We’re here to provide you with the best vision possible, and that’s not only a medical goal but also a quality of life issue.  Making the whole exam process complimentary, easy and worry-free as possible is one simple way we can help you better understand all your options, and what to expect from vision correction.

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