What’s the Difference Between Raindrop and KAMRA?

Raindrop and KAMRA are both inlays, so what’s the difference? Dr. Luke and Dr. Wilson share how both technologies can now help an even bigger group of people.

Dr. Luke: We’re very excited to have two different inlay options here at ClearSight. Technology has always been very important to us, and anything that is going to help our patients see better is of the utmost importance. The KAMRA inlay is wonderful technology. The Raindrop inlay is wonderful technology. Now that we have both, we can help even more people.

This is a clear device that’s placed within the clear part of the eye, known as the cornea. It cannot be seen with the naked eye and it can only be seen with a microscope. Even then it can be difficult to see. The Raindrop inlay works by making a very small hill or bump in the cornea that nobody can see. It’s microscopic. By doing that, it increases your depth of focus.

The KAMRA inlay works similar to small aperture optics. It’s like a pinhole. It makes their pupil smaller. Now that inlay has to be perfectly aligned, the lasers have to be fully accurate. The procedure is a bit more involved and will have a little bit longer of a recovery time than with traditional LASIK.

Typically, a person that would be a great candidate for either inlay would be somebody who is either needing reading glasses or using bifocals. With the inlay technology and our other technology, we’re able to treat both nearsightedness, farsightedness, as well as the need for bifocals and reading glasses.

Depending on your eyes, laser vision correction, like LASIK or PRK may be a great option, but corneal inlays have expanded that and can provide even better results in many patients. The only way to know which technology is best for you is to have a comprehensive or a detailed eye exam.

Here at ClearSight, technology is very important to us, and we make sure that we make the right recommendation for you, for your eyes.

Dr. Wilson: The exam to find out if we can help you with KAMRA or Raindrop is at no cost to you and no obligation to you. Just come in and after a short time here, we can tell you very clearly what would be best for you. In a way, we’re giving people the fountain of youth. For people who no longer can see up close because of birthdays, we can do KAMRA or Raindrop, and move them back to as if they’re 34 or 35 years of age, which is fantastic.

Photo via Visualhunt