Dr. Gary Wilson on KAMRA Inlay

Dr. Gary Wilson from ClearSight LASIK: It’s a revolutionary technology that we’re excited to bring to Oklahoma: KAMRA Inlay, the newest and most advanced near vision technology available today.

Basically, the camera has the amazing ability to have it where a person, without glasses or contacts, can have a full range of vision from up close clear out to the moon. It’s the only technology that I know of that really works that well.

A lot of people have already told me they can’t wait to have it done for them because they are sick and tired of the reading glasses. The great thing about camera is that it enables people to use and see their iPhones as if they were thirty-five years of age and that is very comforting to a lot of us.

If you are tired of messing with reading glasses or bifocals, schedule a free eye examine to see if you are a candidate for the KAMRA Inlay, ClearSight’s exciting and revolutionary new treatment for near vision.